NEW Open Access training course - Understanding Process Mapping

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Over recent weeks the Focus team has delivered a new two-part training course – Understanding Process Mapping. The course introduced the power of process mapping, a set of easy-to-use methods that help visualise the links between actions and steps in any process. The pilot has completed successfully and proved to be in high demand with 80 participants taking part from a diverse range of roles across the University. 

Process mapping tools can be used to plan new processes, but they most often come into play when a process isn’t working as well as it could. Over time many processes become overly complicated, inefficient or become unclear to those using them. Mapping tools offer a great route into getting a clear picture of existing processes, sharing experiences of how they are currently working and thinking collaboratively about both big and small improvements.

The two-part programme kicked off with an online session on the concepts behind process mapping and presenting some key mapping tools. This virtual session was followed up with an in-person workshop providing the opportunity to try out process mapping tools and techniques. 

Across these sessions participants learned how to identify situations where mapping tools might be useful. They heard about the importance of making mapping an inclusive experience to build an accurate picture of a process by talking with the people carrying it out. Tools introduced included SIPOC, a method of building a top-level picture of a process and the stakeholders involved, and Swimlane, a mapping tool that digs into the detail by visualising the different roles and the flow of tasks between them. During the in-person workshop participants worked in groups guided by Focus facilitators to apply their newly acquired skills to an example scenario. They also had the opportunity to think about what processes within their own work might benefit from mapping. 

Overall, the workshop was well received, with some very positive feedback from those who took part. One participant said “I thoroughly enjoyed the learning event. It was great! The content was engaging, and I found the format to be effective.”

Leading the workshop, Focus practitioner Gemma Jennings said “'It was great to see how much work is already going on using process mapping across the University, and how much more potential there is to use this tool to make all our working lives easier. “

For more information about Process Mapping see the FOCUS website including the FOCUS toolkit.

If you’re interested in attending the course (dates and locations TBC dependent on demand), please register your interest.

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This course has been developed in partnership with Professional Services Together.